We provide Mandarin Chinese - English dual-language authentic Montessori education.


Why dual-language? Because it is good for the brain. Because we know that young children benefit from exposure to a second language. Because it provides children with new opportunities. Because your child can order 饺子 for you. And when we say dual-language (or two-way immersion), we mean dual-language - spoken to the child consistently by a native speaker who happens to be fully trained Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) guide (that's our lingo for teacher) , throughout the entire day, every day.

Why Montessori? Because it works. Because it is arguably the best educational approach tested by time. Because it is the largest pedagogy in the world - used in 110 countries and 22,000 schools world-wide. And when we say Montessori, we mean Montessori - authentic education provided by highly trained AMI guides set forth by AMI, established by Dr. Maria Montessori in 1929.

The Best For The Smallest
— Dr. Maria Montessori